How many expat retirees?

    Someone asked me the other day if I knew how many North American retirees lived abroad.  Here’s the simple answer, but it’s wrong:  Published accounts say it’s 5-6,000,000 expats, but that includes business people (but not military).  As to narrowing it down to retirees, it’s just about impossible: retirees don’t always register with the American or Canadian consulates, as they are urged to do.  And hitting on a number that includes full-time expats and excludes occasional visitors with a second home…that’s a moving target. Here’s one figure that seems to have some bones on it: Based on border statistics, some 20,000 Americans and Canadians are crossing into Mexico each month to establish homes there.  That’s on top of the estimated 1,000,000 expats already in Mexico.

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