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Hi, this is your author and webmaster.  As I post this, markets are down, and real estate prices have been dropping here in the U.S., Latin America as well as much of Europe.  While the main message of our book is to Rent Before You Buy, or even Rent, Don’t Buy, these new conditions MAY make this an opportune time to buy something overseas.  The dollar is stronger in Latin America, and the Mexico peso has weakened. In Europe, there is the unfortunate example of Spain, where prices of vacation homes have cratered. Unforunate for some, who may have purchased at the peak; possibly fortunate for some who think they can read the market and know when the bottom has been reached.

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  1. Lynda O'Connor Says:

    Barry, thank you for writing this book which will help all of us dreamers decide what to do with the rest of their lives. We have been inspired by Retirement Without Borders and will be keeping our options open from now on. We will be heading to Morelia or Oaxaca Mexico in February to see what is happening there.

  2. chris g Says:

    Great book, great advice and good reading!!

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